Free Net In Nokia Dual SIM[gp sim ] [update 20/3/2013]

Those who have Nokia dual SIM are really unfortunate guys.Cause……they’re void of free net.They can’t enjoy the facility both of browsing and downloading.
I just wanna console them that you’re now going to able to get the chance.But there’s a little bit sorrow that you won’t be able to enjoy it via opera or uc.Rana vai is trying to solve this.But you can download easily with the help of your built in browser(homepage).
It’ll work on all Nokia dual SIM such as Asha series,X2 series.
Just download the prov file from HERE or from the Direct Link then send this prov file to a China set and finally from the china set send the prov file to your Nokia (dual SIM) phone.When this file will come as configuration save it and set this as default.
That’s the fact and after pressing 0 (zero) select SIM-1 and after a while a page will be loaded and you’ll get a address box,keep a link in this box where you desire to go and select BROWSE.
So let’s enjoy……
•N.B: Obviously you have to keep your SIM in zero balanced.You’ll be able to download like 20MB file.
It’s workable and I certified you 100000%..প্রোভ ফাইলটা ডাউনলোড করে চায়নাতে পাঠিয়ে পরে সেই পাঠানো প্রোভ ফাইল সেই চায়না থেকে যে সেটে ফ্রী করাবেন ঐ সেটে পাঠান । এরপর এটি সেভ করে ডিফল্ট করে নিয়ে ০ চেপে সিম ১ সিলেক্ট করতে হবে । খুব তাড়াতাড়ি একটা পেইজ লোড হবে , ঐ পেইজে একটা বক্স দেখা যাবে । ঐ বক্সে যে লিংকে যেতে চান ঐ লিংক বসিয়ে “Browse” চাপতে হবে ।
এটা অবশ্যই কাজ করে । 100000% সিওরিটি দিচ্ছি ।


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